Our product

We produce Limmu specialty coffee from our own farm which grows at an altitude of 1800-2000 a.s.l with seed types 74110, 74165.Target customers European,Japanese buyers,American,Local consumption.

Free from Chemicals


With the whole plantation covered with shed trees and free from any chemicals; the selectively hand-picked red cherries are collected. For a well prepared sundried coffee after selecting red cherries to avoid all unripe cherry over the ripe cherry and leaves to take care of the quality. The picked cherries are spread on beds and left to dry for 9 to 11 days with morning and afternoon sun at the moisture level of 11.5% to 12%. And the washed coffee is pulp on natural fermentation process which is used to remove the mucilage after 72 hours, the pulped coffee is exposed to the sun, and after drying to the moisture of 11.5% to 12% it is stored in a dry warehouse without any contamination.

free from chemicals

The whole plant covered with shed tree and free from any type of chemicals

green Coffee

Our Top Varieties Of Arabica Coffee and Distinct Flavor And Characteristic

Export world wide

We Export Ethiopian Green Coffee Beans To Various Parts Of The World.

sun dried

We Offer The Washed And Unwashed (Natural Or Sundried) Coffee.

certify by the TEMPLE COFFEE graded 93